There are many ways to improve the membership and purchase process on the site that you can use to simply increase the number of members and the number of purchases from the site. In this article, we will introduce you to these solutions from the manager.

We all know that the presence of visitors, users, and buyers are very important for any website, whether it is a store or a service. There are many ways to improve the membership and purchase process on the site that you can use to simply increase the number of members and the number of purchases from the site. Follow the text to get acquainted with the ideal solutions to improve and optimize the membership and purchase process on the site.

Solutions to improve the membership process on the website

Undoubtedly, the process of joining a website is of special importance. One of the questions for webmasters is why and how a user will register on the site?

Therefore, website owners need to design this part of the site with great care and elegance and provide good incentives to register on the website to encourage users to join the site. Research has shown that there are many different factors that can affect website membership.

Follow the text to get acquainted with different strategies to improve the conversion rate of the audience to members.

Design the registration call differently

Perhaps the mistake that some websites make in designing is that they call the call to action in harmony with the rest of the page. In this design style, the registration section is integrated with the main page and does not have many appearances for the audience, and the audience does not see it and simply goes through it. The registration call needs to be different from other parts of the page to have the most input. To achieve the best possible result, you need to try different methods;

For example, you can run different colors, fonts, and placements.

Give the user the freedom to choose

The first thing to consider in the registration process is that you should not force the user to register. Forcing to register will only cause the user to run away from your website. You need to present your products or services in the best way for the user to decide to register on your website.

Show your audience an attractive horizon

If your audience has an attractive horizon of registering on the site, they will undoubtedly be inclined to register on your website. To do this, you need to provide a great overview of products and services so that the user is well convinced that by registering on your site, what services he can receive. For example, if you need to pay to register on your website, you can allow your users to use the registration services on your website on a trial basis for a limited time.

Encourage users to register by displaying the number of site users

One way to encourage users to register and join the site is to see the number of people who have already registered on the site. If your website has a large number of members, displaying their number is undoubtedly very important to persuade users to sign up for the site.

Provide compelling reasons to register on the site

You need to ask yourself this question first, what are the benefits of registering on your site? The answer to this question is the reasons that will convince the user to register on your website. You need to convey the benefits of registering on the site to the user with a specific plan and program to encourage more users to register on your site. If registering on your website is free, you need to tell users that they want to join your website.

Guarantee your users

You can guarantee your users according to your profession and job. For example, telling your users that they can unsubscribe at any time, or that your email address and other details are safe. Online shopping sites can tell their audience that they can get paid if they are dissatisfied and free training, sign-up incentives are a great way to delight your new members

Create an incentive to register on the site

You can create an incentive to persuade users to sign up for your site. For example, offer a free e-book, free telephone consultation, or any other free service, or offer free online shopping or any other service to users who have registered on your site, depending on your profession. Give. You can offer a special offer for those who have registered on your site.

Simplify the registration process

As much as you can simplify the registration process on the site and try to use the one-step process. The shorter the registration process, the better the chances that the user will be able to register successfully. You also need to get the least information from users during the registration process. You also do not need to ask users to enter some information twice.

Assure users that their information is secure

Information security is one of the most important issues for users when joining the site. First, you need to gain the trust of the user and reassure them that their information is secure and there is no need to worry. To satisfy users, it is necessary to observe the following points.

• You need to protect their personal information. • Do not bombard users with irrelevant emails that they are not interested in. • Always be honest with users so that they consider you a reliable person and register safely on your website.

Ease of password recovery

The High activity of users in the virtual world increases the possibility of forgetting the password. If password recovery is not available, you will either lose your users or your database will be full of fake, fake, or duplicate users. Therefore, it is necessary to put a link to recover the password next to the registration link so that the user can easily recover his password.

Solutions to improve the buying process from the site

So far, the text is familiar with solutions to improve the registration process and membership on the site. One of the most popular types of sites today is online stores. After launching online stores, one of the challenges facing business owners is optimizing the online shopping process, which is of particular importance. The store site cannot generate a decent income if users give up during the purchase process and before paying. Therefore, when designing the site, the purchase process should be far from complicated so that the customer does not stop buying.

It is mandatory or not to register in the purchase process from the site

In previous years, membership in the site was required to shop online from online stores. But in recent years, this process has changed and some Internet sites sell their services and goods without the need to register on the site. Regarding the necessity of the registration process for buying, it is better to check whether your customers buy from the site only once or whether they may come several times and buy your products. If you are one of those stores where your customers only buy once, you can separate the registration process from the buying process. But if you think your customers will visit your store more than once, you can collect user information to encourage them to make future purchases by requiring a registration process. You can use discount codes or any other service to persuade users to sign up.

Ease of purchase process

You need to make the shopping process on the store site easy and attractive for people. Like the site registration process, the purchase process needs to be simple. Try to make the buying process have fewer steps so that users can easily complete all the steps. If the buying process is complicated, users will run into problems and stop shopping. If the buying process is complicated or ambiguous, the user may lose confidence and refuse to buy.

Optimize the shopping process in online stores

• It is necessary that the steps of online shopping include adding to the shopping cart and making a settlement from a visually interesting and simple point of view to encourage the user to complete the steps of online shopping.

• Adjust the add-to-cart buttons so that they attract the attention of the audience.

• Ask users for as little information as you can. You can first redirect the user to the payment page and then request the necessary information from the user.

• In order for the user to be able to easily find the purchase button, you can place the purchase button in different parts of the site so that the user can simply enter the payment page by clicking on it. • You need to balance the steps of requesting goods and paying and of course sending. These steps should not be too long. • Try not to confuse the user in the buying process. Giving a lot of offers and of course asking a lot of questions will undoubtedly confuse the user and may discourage him from buying. • You need to be honest with users. If in addition to the cost of the product, there is another cost, such as shipping costs, taxes, etc., it is necessary to specify it so that the user can decide freely. • It is better to show the information and delivery time to the customer after completing the product purchase process. • It is better to thank the customer after the purchase and give him a gift for the purchase if you can. • You can introduce your other products to the customer after the purchase, but do not overdo it. • Another way to improve the buying process is to ask customers to share their shopping experience. By doing this, if there is a problem in the purchase process from your site, you can fix it.

Conclusion As mentioned, the presence of users is very important for any website. Therefore, it is necessary for website designers to try to pay special attention to the design of this part of the site. The design of this process should be simple and different from other parts of the site.

Of course, encouraging users by providing incentives can also be a good option for attracting members. In addition to the registration process, another option that is very important in online stores is the purchase process.

Therefore, it is necessary to simplify and optimize the purchase and membership process by using the solutions mentioned in this article.